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Before we get started we need to get something out from the way. If you want to use the techniques in this book, you have to find out how Internet marketing works and how folks are making millions of dollars online each and every year. How does a 31 year-old attorney from Florida with simply no Internet marketing experience earn $60,000 a month online with out his own product? How do someone quit their day job and occupy Internet Marketing full time working from your home? We all know the answer because we helped these people achieve their success online. You can find specific ingredients that make up this recipe and we will elaborate in it in this section.

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Ingredient 1: The Internet (Mixing Bowl). The Internet represents the mixing bowl used to create a cake. It holds most of the necessary ingredients for your recipe and lets you mix, whip, and merge most of the different ingredients together. Without the ability to connect and collaborate with people on a global level, earning money online will be much less lucrative and a lot more difficult.    
Ingredient 2: Owners of Products, or Merchants (Flour): Merchants are the businesses with websites which in fact sell products to people over the internet and handle the transactions. Merchants take care of all the order processing, the handling of money, the shipping/delivery of goods and services, and support because of their products.
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